Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Bend of Mind


Thought it was high time I got back to writing a little bit... Not been doing much really, except lazing around and enjoying the time spent this-a-way, cos its going to be a while before I really have a decent excuse to be lazy ;) Marriage is a perfectly justifiable one, but I can only stretch it so long :D

I'm suffering a serious case of writer's block at the moment, and find it therapeutic (creativity enhancing wise) to flip through some old poems written over the years... Been flipping and found a couple that seemed worth posting. Here's one called "Bend of Mind" - an apt description of what is decidedly the most complex and intriguing creature I ever met... the mind!

Bend of Mind

Curious bend of mind, mine.

Unorthodox in its constructions
Of a life whose loveliness is alive,
Beautiful visions it distorts
In its own malicious way.
Fury and peace -
Can they mingle?
Oil and water like the combination.
But in my mind these unnatural siblings play
Heedless of their non-conformity.

Scary bend of mind, mine.

It reads like a picture - a work of modern art;
Stark and shocking patterns, but innocent in theme?
Hate, envy and their likes it loathes,
And yet
A boiling cauldron of these
simmers within.
Hate for what? - Life and all it stands for.
Culture, upbringing,
Parents, friends and lovers.
Yet so furiously attached to them it is.

Twisted bend of mind, mine.

Love it feels:
Frothing, bubbling,
Nubile, stinging.
Experiences left stains and dirty patches.
Confused, dazed
Vamp-like in its viciousness
Child-like in its guilt.
Helpless and smiling
All at once.

A curious store of thoughts,
This ticking time-bomb
This land-mine.

(c) VedicVerses

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