Thursday, February 10, 2005

Murphy's Law!

...just when you thought things couldn't get any worse.... they did! :)

Was going to be poetic about good 'ol Murphy... but was invited instead to watch a friend's brother's wedding ode to his wife! The guy's creative if anything!! That certainly brought a huge smile to my face early this morning :)

Here's what I feel like today -->

The Reluctant Rebel

A rebel
I didn't want to be
But there it was, the path
All laid out for me.

Just wanted
To scamper and play
Instead I must bear
The burden of war this day.

I stepped out
With my heart full of love
And my little feet
In the 9th cloud above.

Alas, as I turned
The corner, was I
Accosted by an ugly idea
And an intolerable lie.

So you see, I sought not
Rebellion this day,
But "Rebel" the role,
Fate cut out for me to play.

(c) VedicVerses

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Vanity is fair...


Arched eyebrows,
Pale face,
Gaunt and pulled to the bone.
Irregular features
But serene and calm
And fairy-like
In her sorrow.

Ethereal and beyond
She looked the picture of the protagonist
of her unspoken fantasies.
Her smile so warm
And stunning in its expression
Of absent emotions.

The irony of life
With its "everything
And nothing"
Seemed to tease
Her lips
Into a half-smile.

Eyes glistening
Yet not a single tear-drop
The abandonment of
Her gait - her every movement
Proved that anything
Must come at a high price.

My eyes fell
On her:
And startled
I heard
The mirror crack.

(c) VedicVerses

Friday, February 04, 2005

Some disturbing lines....Part I

Sometimes one has very disturbing thoughts... disturbing moments, confusion rules heavily in phases... that's sometimes when one paints violent pictures with simple words...

Here are a few attempts at that: Part I

Shhh! That's my dream...

Silence is the gist in my dream
Commotion cannot fit in my dream
Noises cannot touch my sweet dream
Voices? There's nothing like it in my dream
Soundless and still it may seem
But I'm moving to a rhythm like you've never seen.
That's my dream.

Running away from reality
Burning away is this pain within me.

Loneliness seems a part of my dream
But its the essence not a part like it seems
That's my dream.

Sweet love don't try to step in
You'll be burnt to a cinder from the fury within.

Darkness cannot touch this dream
Whirlwind of emotion is my dream
Sunlight ain't there, though its bright
Rainbows don't exist, though there's light
That's my dream.

Scared from the frightening thunders outside
In a shell, safe and sheltered I hide
That's my dream.

Confusion if exists, I've my dream
Agony if persists, I've my dream
Dry from the showers of this world
My dream holds close a frightened little girl.
That's my dream.

Do you understand my dream?
Do you hear the silent scream?
Of the wordless song in my dream?

Shhh! That's my dream...

(c) VedicVerses

I'm Scared...

I'm scared.
Of fog-horns
And silent screams,
Of soothing mists
And flowing streams.

I'm scared.
Of reality
Not so sublime
And everything Divine.

I'm scared.
Of Frailty
And uncommon strength
Of doing things too straight
Or by stealth.

I'm scared.
Of flower-gardens
And hell fires
Of stagnant feelings
And furious desires.

I'm scared.
Of innocent love
And guilty passions
Of obstinance
And mute submission.

I'm scared.
Of dreamy smiles
And volcanic tears
Of thrashing about
From all my fears.

I'm scared.
Of gaining droplets
And losing seas
Of searching myself
And losing me.

(c) VedicVerses

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Effigy: Ever feel like the cross was too heavy to bear???

Hmm... trouble is a kid is never content when life drags by... well at least this one isn't! :) Waiting and watching and waiting and watching... Yeah, it lulls me to a sleepy, lackadaisical state of mind. I just hope am not missing out on any lessons just cos I'm too bored with things going wrong, that I don't care to sit up and notice them! :)

I feel now like my soul's a free bird up in the air watching the chaos of my life with a sardonic eye...

Here's one for the day.. it was published once long ago in a literary journal called "The Quest"...


The Effigy

All the roads home are blocked,
They are burning an effigy.
A closer look and I see
An effigy of me.

Its burning up in flames
(Am I burning up inside?)
So many ready matches strike the light
The effigy is of me alright!

I cared for you so much
I guess you couldn't tell;
I turn to ashes as you watch
The effigy burn in flames of hell.

Her hand didn't play a part
In lighting the flame I became
But perhaps she was the sculptress
And created the effigy out of shame.

All the roads home are blocked
They are burning an effigy,
I need no closer look
I know the effigy is of me.

© VedicVerses