Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Effigy: Ever feel like the cross was too heavy to bear???

Hmm... trouble is a kid is never content when life drags by... well at least this one isn't! :) Waiting and watching and waiting and watching... Yeah, it lulls me to a sleepy, lackadaisical state of mind. I just hope am not missing out on any lessons just cos I'm too bored with things going wrong, that I don't care to sit up and notice them! :)

I feel now like my soul's a free bird up in the air watching the chaos of my life with a sardonic eye...

Here's one for the day.. it was published once long ago in a literary journal called "The Quest"...


The Effigy

All the roads home are blocked,
They are burning an effigy.
A closer look and I see
An effigy of me.

Its burning up in flames
(Am I burning up inside?)
So many ready matches strike the light
The effigy is of me alright!

I cared for you so much
I guess you couldn't tell;
I turn to ashes as you watch
The effigy burn in flames of hell.

Her hand didn't play a part
In lighting the flame I became
But perhaps she was the sculptress
And created the effigy out of shame.

All the roads home are blocked
They are burning an effigy,
I need no closer look
I know the effigy is of me.

© VedicVerses

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Ashok said...

Hey don't think I have got the entirety of your poem here, but poetry always leaves me with a tremendous sense of trying to decipher meaning, and possibly missing the essence only because I try to hard.

But I must share the fantasy of mine of being able to leave my phsical self and float away and be at another place at the same time; spying on people; spying on what they actually think of me. A kind of morbid self realization.