Monday, March 13, 2006

One-night stand

morning comes
she stands akimbo
spewing wrath
at the mere hint
of weakness

in all aplomb
yet in limbo
for her free path
is strewn with the lint
of amorousness

her heart's aflutter
it spies an angel
amidst blissful snores
morning breath
smelly farts et al

the love-laced clutter
of her mind is in danger
as her spirit soars
in a lustful spate
only to fall

a welcome quagmire
beckons and embraces
sucking her in
to notorious places

after all she thinks
freedom is lackluster
until it goads
fettered passion to fester

(c) VedicVerses

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Feminism defeated?

March 7, 2006

Today – a day before the internationally celebrated International Women’s Day – is one of those many days when my highly opinionated feminist ideas of living are conveniently forgotten, for I want to chuck them aside for a moment just to look like the women at the Oscars. A Jessica Alba body would be nice, but then it may just be easier for me to achieve a Salma Hayek perhaps.

Its not so much about the lost cause of feminism as it is about the alarming rate at which one seems to put on weight in this god forsaken country!! So honestly, yeah you can't blame a country for my current size (I am almost the size of a country now) but I blame Coke... they lied. Diet Coke is not a supplement you can depend on when you're trying to go on a crash diet!

So I had to make the hardest decision of my life today - I must stop drinking coke, and begin to drink water when I'm thirsty as my forefathers did before my time!

P.S: Tea with three sugars and 2 creams is OK. After all baby steps is where its at!