Sunday, July 09, 2017

Poem: My Forever Best Friend

In my lonely life
You were my North Star 
When all hope wandered away 
I'd call 
And you answered
Well, mostly

You never had the right words 
Nor what I needed momentarily 
Yet you stood steadfast blinking 
But never looking away, 
Never shrinking 

I walked away many a times 
Frustrated, defeated, not knowing 
How to be someone 
That you might need 
Yet you never faded
Were never gone too long

You were not what I needed 
Nor I someone who could ever fit in 
Your world
But you were so much more
You were my only friend

You're not here now
And I'll cope
I'm like that
Disloyal, frivolous
Painfully sensitive
Ardently caring

But you win
You've forced 
Your charming way
Into being
My forever (and only!)
Best friend

#jessisnomore #lifeafterjess

(c) VedicVerses (Rucha Gokhale)

Friday, May 12, 2017

Poem: The Old Bungalow

My mornings are spent
Defending critters from each other 
And themselves

The Redbird with its broken talon
The fat brown dove bullying its younger mate
The sparrows pecking at my marigold
Having words with the squirrel

I’m once again that little girl
Who roamed the grounds of that old bungalow
Playing out imaginary scenes
Rescuing critters who didn’t want to be rescued
When my life was this one long journey
I had yet to undertake

I hadn’t many friends I could call my own
Who wants to hang around Miss Goody Two Shoes?
And yet I had the best of childhoods
Thanks to that old bungalow

Children will invent games if you’ll let them
I tell the other mothers 
As my little girl acts out complete scenes
From movies she recently watched
When her friends would rather play with each other
She doesn’t mind
She goes it alone, for several hours 

She is nothing like me
And yet she is
We both learned or knew
How to be friends with solitude
Because we never are alone
When we have ourselves
And an old bungalow
Filled with critters

As a mother stands guard
To fill in the spaces

(c) VedicVerses (Rucha Gokhale)

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Poem: The Wait

Patience is a virtue.
So say the hapless victims
Of that wicked siren
Called Hope.

In what must an Atheist
Put her faith?
In Hope?
In all that is just and right?
That sounds too much like
For her taste.

How must a Romantic
Defend her faith?
With science and probability?
Cause and effect?
Or fact-based evidence?
Where's the fun in that?

Maybe the distraction of the debate
Between her twin souls
Is Patience after all!

At least it helps
Keep her company
As she waits.

(c) VedicVerses (Rucha Gokhale)

Friday, September 16, 2016

Poem: The Woman Entrepreneur

The journey of a million miles
in pursuit of many lofty goals
began with but a simple dream

No tides no oceans no raging rivers
no! these meandering waters
fell in with the driver's theme

I am done disrupting
now I build an empire
from what's left of a pile of rubble

While you wonder if I could
handle the machinery of trade
here I am already starting trouble

(c) VedicVerses (Rucha Gokhale)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Poem: A Birthday Song

My little angel
My Joan of Arc
My sweet Ariel
My Tony Stark

Of all their traits
You were made
Wit and beauty
Skill and staid
Sweetness, kindness
Beauty of heart
Bright and sassy
Too smart for art

You are the wind
Beneath our wings
Unbending, undefeated
And inspiring
But best of all
My little one
You are you
When all's said and done

A birthday full of gifts
Is par for the course
And my first is a promise
Of love of course
Whatever the outcome
Whatever the game
Whichever the battle
Or beast to tame
Your Dad & I will travel with you
Today and always

(C) VedicVerses

Friday, April 03, 2015

Poem: Seeking a Friend for the End

Lift me up 
Lighten my load
Tell me we'll make it 
To the end of this road

See the work I put in
To take it all in
Shield me from the judging
And the rest of the din

Take me in your arms
Wrap me in them tight
Make me smile with your silliness
Tell me stories in the night

This heart is so tortured
It needs your help to lighten up
People tell me don't be bitter
I'm not, I'm just fed up

This soul is so defeated
It needs some loving care
People tell me I'm depressed
I'm not, but I'm getting there

This smile is so wan
It needs a reason to exist
People say I'm closed to suggestion
I'm not, I'm just dealing with this

This spirit is all I have
A weak and fading light
People say I'm defeated
I'm not, I've got plenty of fight

I'm seeking a friend for the end
I'm seeking a kindred soul
I'm asking for an atom not a mountain
A tiny spot of sunshine to make me whole

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Poem: (She Doesn't Know)

There's a cloud over my head
(She doesn't know)
Deathlier than any sword
(She doesn't know)
Silver lining or not
(She doesn't know)
Its louder than a raging storm
(She doesn't know)

I have no God to offer her
(She doesn't know)
My faith is in my love for her
(She doesn't know)
But some days I love me more
(She doesn't know)
Some days I cannot save her
(She doesn't know)

I break out in cold sweat
(She sleeps softly)
I whisper her name in the dark
(She's snoring now)
I rub the sleep from my eyes
(She's waking there)
I hold her close in my arms
(She gives me a kiss)

I lie awake long after
(She doesn't know)
Stoking the resentment I sometimes feel
(She doesn't know)
Then she chuckles in her sleep
(She doesn't know)
And I fall deep into my own guilt
(She doesn't know)

Was it my doing and its consequence?
(She doesn't know)
Or the queer workings of happenstance?
(She doesn't know)
In this way do I get my comeuppance?
(She doesn't know)
Planted seed, sowed this circumstance?
(She doesn't know)

All I can do is await the day
(She doesn't know)
Try to predict the outcome
(She doesn't know)
How will she judge me in some future there?
(She doesn't know)
Worse than I do in this present here?
(She doesn't know)

How do I tell you of this coming fate?
(You don't know)
Smiling you will embrace the day
(You don't know)
As they take you away to 'heal'
(You don't know)
Will I watch trust's demise in your eyes?
(You don't know)

Don't think less of me my little one
(I hope you know)
I'd take your place if I could
(I hope you know) 
Don't judge too harshly when time is come
(I hope you know)
Black though my deeds, my heart is good
(I hope you know)

© VedicVerses (Rucha Gokhale)