Friday, July 29, 2005

The addiction of being alone

She beckons
And smiles.

Her wicked
Breaks homes
Binds you
To her rooms.

An addiction
She is
Hah! you wish!

When You abandon,
She calls
Traps me
In her squalls.

Then one day
You weren't there
She spied me out
But I ran away.

I realize
You're still here
By my side.

But how long
The lonely temptress
Will score?

(c) VedicVerses

Thursday, July 28, 2005

The betrayal

I waited
How long
I don't recall.
But time flew
And weariness

Along came
The one
I waited for .
Eyes red, forlorn

Bit my tongue
As tales flew
Sputtering and jerky,
A heart emptied of fears.
Sordid. Murky.

Felt I both
Betrayal and pity
And I watched.
The drunken stupor
Of a forgotten friend
From before.

A voice lamented.
Begged and urged
"Fight on!"
But tempted by such intimacy
I proved once again
My fallacy.

(c) VedicVerses

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Sensitive Skill

The difference between
Me and him
He's wise yet I
Am wiser still.
Not in the way
The laureates are
In a village way by far.

His might herculean
His mind so swift,
Achilles, Alexander, Arjun-like his skill.
He knows not though

Neither reached the heights
A dear father achieved
To endure my sullen whims.

I know he's as deep
As his heritage allows...
Not deep perhaps
Like the ocean of my love;
Yet a wholesome smile
At my warm but uncooked rice
Would've made him king
Earned him the land of my soul.

(c) VedicVerses

A life just begun

Here I was
The end of a phase of a beginning
Scribbling words, mundane.

My feelings, hmmmm...
Let me analyse them
And have it done.

Putting quill to paper
Or fingers to keys,
Stalling, procrastinating.

Ah! need to fetch
Such and such
The larder needs stocking.

Stop! get back!
Back to inking
Precious thoughts of past days.

Paralyzed mind
Furtively worked to get out of the "chore"
In a million ways.

Let me feel!
Let me deal!
Let this seem unreal!
Let it be a dream!
Screamed... My mind
- in defense of an innocent life just begun.

(c) VedicVerses

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Absent Love

Absent Love

Took the world in,
Through naked eyes,
But my own veiled truth
Never realized.

Dirt and shame grow,
From root to tree,
And so an absent love
Begins with me.

Too shallow to care,

Too selfish to know,
That I reap the fruits
Of the seeds I sow.

But for forgiveness and mercy
Stirring all around,
I had it not in me
To stand my ground.

I cannot run,
And I can't hide.
But I can rise above
This darkness inside.

I can't run
But I can fly!
I'll take my chances
With the unknown sky.

The whirling wind
May bring a friend,
But my loneliness
I must defend.

For I am at ease
With an absent love,
With it I'll make
My home above...

(c) VedicVerses

Bend of Mind


Thought it was high time I got back to writing a little bit... Not been doing much really, except lazing around and enjoying the time spent this-a-way, cos its going to be a while before I really have a decent excuse to be lazy ;) Marriage is a perfectly justifiable one, but I can only stretch it so long :D

I'm suffering a serious case of writer's block at the moment, and find it therapeutic (creativity enhancing wise) to flip through some old poems written over the years... Been flipping and found a couple that seemed worth posting. Here's one called "Bend of Mind" - an apt description of what is decidedly the most complex and intriguing creature I ever met... the mind!

Bend of Mind

Curious bend of mind, mine.

Unorthodox in its constructions
Of a life whose loveliness is alive,
Beautiful visions it distorts
In its own malicious way.
Fury and peace -
Can they mingle?
Oil and water like the combination.
But in my mind these unnatural siblings play
Heedless of their non-conformity.

Scary bend of mind, mine.

It reads like a picture - a work of modern art;
Stark and shocking patterns, but innocent in theme?
Hate, envy and their likes it loathes,
And yet
A boiling cauldron of these
simmers within.
Hate for what? - Life and all it stands for.
Culture, upbringing,
Parents, friends and lovers.
Yet so furiously attached to them it is.

Twisted bend of mind, mine.

Love it feels:
Frothing, bubbling,
Nubile, stinging.
Experiences left stains and dirty patches.
Confused, dazed
Vamp-like in its viciousness
Child-like in its guilt.
Helpless and smiling
All at once.

A curious store of thoughts,
This ticking time-bomb
This land-mine.

(c) VedicVerses