Thursday, July 28, 2005

The betrayal

I waited
How long
I don't recall.
But time flew
And weariness

Along came
The one
I waited for .
Eyes red, forlorn

Bit my tongue
As tales flew
Sputtering and jerky,
A heart emptied of fears.
Sordid. Murky.

Felt I both
Betrayal and pity
And I watched.
The drunken stupor
Of a forgotten friend
From before.

A voice lamented.
Begged and urged
"Fight on!"
But tempted by such intimacy
I proved once again
My fallacy.

(c) VedicVerses

1 comment:

Abhi abhi said...

In such situations I often wonder who changed?

The friend or I?

Or was it all just a mirror, and us evolving phantasms?