Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Absent Love

Absent Love

Took the world in,
Through naked eyes,
But my own veiled truth
Never realized.

Dirt and shame grow,
From root to tree,
And so an absent love
Begins with me.

Too shallow to care,

Too selfish to know,
That I reap the fruits
Of the seeds I sow.

But for forgiveness and mercy
Stirring all around,
I had it not in me
To stand my ground.

I cannot run,
And I can't hide.
But I can rise above
This darkness inside.

I can't run
But I can fly!
I'll take my chances
With the unknown sky.

The whirling wind
May bring a friend,
But my loneliness
I must defend.

For I am at ease
With an absent love,
With it I'll make
My home above...

(c) VedicVerses

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