Monday, November 14, 2005

An ode to my love - No One to Come Home to

I sit in silence
Of the domestic kind
The dryer hums
As I unwind

A bourgeois living
In a banal shell
A lifeless stirring
The soul's pell-mell

A vow thus broken
The tryst no more binds
A commonplace death
Of selfhood unconfined

Tender and effete
All but a slave
Just a tissue within
A withered enclave

A hollow now, where
A heart once dwelled
A lifeless stirring
And the soul's pell-mell

I sit in silence
Of the domestic kind
The dryer turns
As I unwind

(c) VedicVerses

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Fable - Third World and The Yokel

Success at last!!

After a gruelling three hours of disciplinary action against my creative block, here's the outcome :) Not much considering the effort it required, but hey, its a respectably decent beginning!

Once there was, this third world place
Of crowded streets, little food and many a face.

A software town - home of the wicked and wise,
Outsourced jobs et al - the kind the First World despised.

'Twas here she lived , an ambitious yokel
Protagonist, an atheist - star of this fable.

Prepped for a job, she joined the workforce
Of a start-up firm - IT services of course!

And so her quest began; project-on-site her goal
Equivalent to, a frenzied spell at her console.

She IMed and worked, and then IMed some more.
Volunteered, networked, made friends galore.

Even then found the time to pine and to yearn
For all things in the First World she was yet to learn.

Finally, a smiling Karma and six months after
Found our yokel headed for the good 'ol Nor'Easter.

With arms wide open, for long the West had beckoned
Yet the charm wore out, sooner than she had reckoned!

Amidst cooking fumes and curries of lunch for the morrow
Our yokel pined again for her old home in sorrow.

N'er a happy ending is there to this tale
For the heart wants what it wants, regardless of locale!

Viva Globalization!

(c) VedicVerses


All the prose entries made in the past few months on this blog are the result of the decay of the creative 1/100th portion of my brain. It is in no way a representation of how writers write nor how poets poet and certainly should not reflect badly on the people in my life and their effect on me! :)

While we're on the subject, I might add - I usually write well when I am depressed or angry with the world!!! As cheesy as this may sound, Harshad keeps me too content for my creative energies to exist at all. I blame Harshad :D His actions have now deprived this world of the hope of a great artist-in-the-becoming!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Thud! Thud! Trik or treeeeet... trik or treeeeeet!!

If any of this was meant to scare me let me explain what my response was... I tried to stop stuffing my face and jumped over the sofa arm and grabbed the candy basket all at once and all in such a rush because I was afraid - afraid that the little monsters will pass by my door on the 24th floor and not stop for all the candy I had prepared! :)

Ah! Hallow'en... all the Enid Blytonesque fancies coming alive... for my first Hallow'en as a respectable US resident. (My first one in Buffalo doesn't count cos I was just a poor student, living in student dwellings in a street where only students lived and Hallow'en celebration was all about getting drunk and hitting on scantily clad women on the college bus. I didn't live in a dorm, so I was spared the cultural shock of "experimentation" of American college youth! :) ) So well, an apartment poses a challenge to the creative mind or to a mind with the lack thereof. How does one decorate the only piece of your dwelling that strangers passing by will see... the door? You can't quite decorate the threshold without someone tripping over it and causing a fire in the narrow and well lit hallway - as Murphy watching over the person's progress will ensure! But one must do one's duty as a respectable apartment resident and not cause fires. So yes, that leaves only the door then.


~Scratch Scratch~ (that was my head)

Oh well, d-uh! New-age technology means I have access to a printer! And borrowing other people's graphic ideas off of the web is no trouble at all - except for the very small pinch of guilt. So that's what I did... I printed all the images I could find and fit on my door, cut them out of the sheets of paper and pasted them on my door! Novel, isn't it :)

Well, what can I say... it worked!

It being Diwali and all that, I decided I had to do up the room a little bit too... So I dimmed the lights, put some tea-lights in the window sill in mismatched tea-light holders, put one in a special Hallow'en lantern that I bought on my way back from work, and put that and a little scarecrow figurine on a stool covered with a red pillow-cover right by the threshold, enough distance away from the door that I could open it all the way and share the display with the trick-or-treaters! Honestly, I just wanted to show off the view from my apartment in a subtle and indirect way. I tried everything except road construction signs to point in the direction of our little bay window (by whose window-sill stood the mismatched tea-light holders!!)

...but the first kid to stop by the door called my bluff. He crossed the threshold and peered at the lumbering view of the downtown, grabbed a handful of candy and wandered into the kitchen area to sniff out some more!Avarice in its purest and most innocent form!! Soon more little fairies blessed our home. Little angels grabbed and stared with mouths open at the big candy basket. Calculating little twerps, doing the simple logistical math and running route-tracking algorithms in their cute little heads - "hmm... it takes five minutes to go back home and empty my basket, five minutes plus two to get to the next door... but wait, mamma's expression says she won't be too happy; ok so I can grab about two fistfuls, still have room for two more at the next door and..." on and on, experiencing heady green monster of an emotion for the first time - we all live it but are too superficial to admit it- greed! Little boys , little girls - (fairies, bumble-bees, the beagle boys, lady bugs, ballerinas) staring at the wrapped splendour in red, green, yellow shining paper...

How did I profit from this endeavour? Well, I got a free valuation of my property from the best critics of course!

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