Monday, November 14, 2005

An ode to my love - No One to Come Home to

I sit in silence
Of the domestic kind
The dryer hums
As I unwind

A bourgeois living
In a banal shell
A lifeless stirring
The soul's pell-mell

A vow thus broken
The tryst no more binds
A commonplace death
Of selfhood unconfined

Tender and effete
All but a slave
Just a tissue within
A withered enclave

A hollow now, where
A heart once dwelled
A lifeless stirring
And the soul's pell-mell

I sit in silence
Of the domestic kind
The dryer turns
As I unwind

(c) VedicVerses


Sid said...



How are you?!?!? I'm a geek :( Sooo sad, so if you miss Pune, where are you?!

Hehhe, hope your doing good man.
Lots Luv.

Nyssa said...

Me in Jersey City, USA now... :(

Sid said...


Sheesh, man how're you doing up there, with Harshad right. Cool stuff, congrats :)

Nyssa said...

LOL! Thanks dude... you don't post to Caferati these days? Are you, like, active with the read-meets et al??

Stay in touch buddy :)

Sid said...

Ermmm shamefully it is not so, turns out the plate isn't that big man. College work tripled overnight what with me nearing the big ass project ya know, plus me's gots exams on the 7th of December and then GRE in Feb ... no sleep for the weary eh.

And the best part my aggregrate is pulling up the pants eh :D This sem. if I get the disti my aggregrate goes up the disti line .... sweet would that be.

Washap with you?