Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Feminism defeated?

March 7, 2006

Today – a day before the internationally celebrated International Women’s Day – is one of those many days when my highly opinionated feminist ideas of living are conveniently forgotten, for I want to chuck them aside for a moment just to look like the women at the Oscars. A Jessica Alba body would be nice, but then it may just be easier for me to achieve a Salma Hayek perhaps.

Its not so much about the lost cause of feminism as it is about the alarming rate at which one seems to put on weight in this god forsaken country!! So honestly, yeah you can't blame a country for my current size (I am almost the size of a country now) but I blame Coke... they lied. Diet Coke is not a supplement you can depend on when you're trying to go on a crash diet!

So I had to make the hardest decision of my life today - I must stop drinking coke, and begin to drink water when I'm thirsty as my forefathers did before my time!

P.S: Tea with three sugars and 2 creams is OK. After all baby steps is where its at!


Anonymous said...


I would like to see some recent photos!!!!

Luv Tayya

Tuxkida said...

Save water - drink beer ! ;)

I'll let you guess who wrote this ..

Nyssa said...

LOL! better still eh :)

Can't place you...

Tuxkida said...

At times it makes me wonder – what differentiates the western world from India. What makes America – America.. and India - India - ! Why is it that huge American corporations, which make “stale potato burgers” and “chemical dark fizzy liquid”, are pushing the same crap down the throats of global citizens. Why don’t we have “Joshi wade wale" and “neera” outlets instead proliferated all over the world? What is it that allows “them” to inflict their choice on us !

The answer is simple - the mindset .. ! The mindset of being the greatest country in the world ! The mindset that “God” blesses Amerika ! The mindset of global dictatorship – under the mask of a peace loving democratic nation.

Even if God blesses America - I won't. :)

Nyssa said...

honestly... the global citizens do have "free choice" y'know. Things don't have to be this way... everything does not have to be colonized via consumerism. But for a nation that has long forgotten its own roots, and the new kids on the block tout borrowed lifestyles at the drop of a hat, I wonder who is to blame... the American people are unique in that they are proud of their young roots, proud of what they are and their way of living and strongly defend it. So can "global citizens" if they'd like... and from what I hear of the educated young factions in India, they seem to be exercising that free choice very effectively for the benefit of the country and its people, even if in small numbers... Besides if Joshi wadewale can make a success of it in America, Americans will more than just embrace that culture, they will cherish it - just like they have embraced and assimilated tacos, apple pie, pizza, sushi, chow mein and yes! tandoori chicken too!

So I think really, all's well in wonderland and there needn't be any misplaced wrath.

Just my two cents' worth... :)

Ameet Gaikwad said...

AAh!!Now i see what you meant..:)..clear case of misplaced understanding and identity too....one stale potato burger and neera for me....to go..!!..:)

Kartik said...

Hmmf ... just the other day in pune, I went to this ayurvedic shop to buy gulkand (I like the taste of the gulkand they make so I go there)
They close *sharp* at 8 and are closed on weekends (which is when most of the junta have time to shop!)
He didnt have the quantity I requested and said his raw material supplier was playing truant ... and said "the day he stops giving me sugar, I will stop making gulkand"
Notice he has the "closure" of his business well planned and NOT a business continuity contingency plan. He does not give a whack to customer convenience either ...
I am afraid these are some nuances which do not a successful business make
Sorry to say, but if this attitude continues, our businesses and goods will never be able to "go global"
I do hope our mindsets change for the better :-)