Sunday, June 12, 2005

High time for some pearls of wisdom from a newbie at marriage ;)

alright, alright... so a completely out-of-job script writer might try and pen a script out of this plot and make either a tear-jerker a la yash raj films, or a mundane "i-can't-for-the-life-of-me-understand-it" artsy movie. but my life immediately after marriage was in character... unconventional, free-flowing and an interesting journey. well, yeah, of course, for the most part for me!

well, since this blog is about me... i might as well go ahead and indulge myself, what say?? :)

so this particular story (of my marriage) begins with harshad calling me while i was on my bike, in the middle of mundane errands related to transitioning off from one job into another. so he goes "the consular officer has left my case pending, she suggested i get married to my girlfriend and bring her back for the interview, so we can both get our green cards together".

THAT - folks - was my marriage proposal!

well, of course, one has to be practical and so i said "could you let me park and get inside a cafe before running that by me again?" doing the right thing meant for the moment putting my confused head on a hold and letting my parents and harshad take over. believe you me, that was the most difficult and the most sensible decision i've ever made in my entire life!

its funny, somewhere along the way, so many things happened and changed my perspective on life, i'd quite forgotten what was my idea of perfect proposal, perfect soulmate and perfect marriage. yeah, i remember vaguely being strongly against the traditional hindu ritual of marriage and wanted to go for a chauvinism-free registered marriage. but that of course, couldn't happen in a day. (yep, we got married the next day after harshad proposed!) but honestly, i know i'm going to strut about my marriage for the rest of my life. this has been way beyond my dreams and my wishes - and for my life and how i want it to be, i can't think of any other way that i could possibly have married.

can't say i was reeling in love then - for the most part i was just confused as hell. but i guess it says a lot about harshad, if i went through it all without the remotest sense of panic and with complete faith in all that was going on around us. i mean yeah, i knew i hadn't thought it over, but i didn't have the stereotypical nagging feeling at the back of my head wondering if this was the right thing to do etc. there was just one sense of "ok gal, you gotta take some time out soon and think about all this and dounble-check that this is what you want". and that was pretty simple.

for the next few days, i'm just going to blog about stuff like this... cos there's so many little things that have happened over the last 15 days, that i simply must record. for honestly, after all this time and optimism and faith in myself, i've realised that every moment in time that i have called on myself to be patient, harshad has been worth the wait...

~harshad if you're reading this, STOP GRINNING! and DO NOT let it go to your head! :P ~

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Anonymous said...

Spontaneity is a good thing... Often, perfectly good things in one's life are ruined by the over-indulgence of the "second-guess"... while one must look before they leap, one tends to amalgamate the "look" with a paranoid dire false analysis stemming out of one's insecurities.

Your account, while romantic, is more a testamanent to your ability to evaluate the situation for what is was worth without treading into the pitfalls that arise out of one's insecurities. Be proud of yourself!

Congratulations!!! Good things happen to good people....