Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Tsunamis, Marriage...

Natural Disaters... my next pet peeve after pythons under my bed! Silly me! I'd thought it couldn't get worse than bellowing winds of twisters and towering infernos.... Something as simple as moving a broad-rimmed tub of water wasn't something I'd counted on scaring this robust little world of ours... So we mourne for the loss of lives, the missing millions, and the wiped out tribes. We fear the continuity of our species when our progeny is the worse hit... One little world in this big bad universe... we're just one little world and just one insignificant species sharing and usurping the space of a zillion other life forms in this one little blue world...

...just one little world in a big bad universe... and guess what's a bigger problem on a preoccupied little insignificant mind like mine? Guilt! Guilt for not believing in the system of "arranged marriage" and yet going ahead with it just cause I haven't the guts to not want a "family".... When I think of it, how long will I live? For a finger snapping moment by universal standards... Just like a little insignificant little brown moth, who'll live the lifetime of 12 hours! Why do we waste our lives so? Why?

Not quite related to the topic of infernos and tsunamis... but here's a poem.. hope you enjoy this one too...


Why does famine strike a personal domain?
While cool rain spills on an evergreen plain?

Why do slight tremors cause
A mind to bend?
Though a thousand earthquakes
It could easily mend?

When rose-gardens flourish
Without a weed,
Will thorns prick undaunted
And a soul must bleed?

When reality has turned into
A fairy tale,
Nightmares come true
Like a wicked spell?

Just when the heart learns to leap
O'er trivial pain?
Does fate turn tables
Bringing abandonment again?

And why?
When cool rain may spill on every evergreen plain,
Must famine strike a personal domain?

© VedicVerses

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Akshay said...

You must read something out next time.
The this piece was very ruminative.
I like it