Tuesday, December 14, 2004

A strange place, this world is...

Am thinking of all those times I've created little worlds out of the world I have around me... finding little niches and cracks to fit in and be snug in it... Everytime it evolves, my niches and cracks don't exactly expand... just change or close or are taken up by someone bigger and stronger... and then like a little defenseless molusc I have to find another home for my dreams and joys.

So you're thinking... what's so strange about that? doesn't everyone go through a cycle like that.. I haven't got the statistics on that :) ... But I frankly wonder how many do find happiness in this ever-changing kaleidoscope of niches and cracks... What is indeed strange about life to me is... no matter how many tears I've shed, or tantrums I've thrown at having to change my molusc-shell... after all that hysteria, I've always ended up finding one more gorgeous crack full of happiness and new learnings, which will seem to want to be there for an eternity. But now I know that its not here to stay, but hey! the prospect of the next gorgeous little homestead for my dreams has only just begun to get exciting!!

Here's a poem for the day called "Four Walls"... inspired a little bit by Lord Tennyson's "The Flower"....

Four Walls

Once sometime ago
Four walls got built,
Bang in the middle of a beautiful plain;
On the soft green earth
The walls stood strong,
With well-meant intentions of protecting from rain.

But a wall's a wall
not a roof on the head,
Which might've served better
Standing on four thin poles.
A roof without four walls,
Four walls without a roof...
Funny how the perversion ran unnoticed
Of the two switched roles!

The bellicose walls
Faced the belligerent clouds,
With broadened shoulders
And knitted brows;
But in no time drenched
And wet to the brick
The walls quivered
With their anger aroused.

And the green earth smiled...

And the green earth smiled,
While the clouds let out a roar
Only to make way
For a gentle sun.
Though tired with the effort
But in character adamant,
The victorious walls succeeded
In blocking out some picteresque fun!

(c) VedicVerses

1 comment:

Max Babi said...

hey, this sounds like fun...
almost like a prehistoric picnic.
Tks for the peep into yr world.