Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Blessed Sleep!!

Didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night... Feel like a zombie in my chair at work... smiling benign smiles at everyone... half awake... lying back, sinking lower and lower into my chair... Someone once said to me "give you a corner, any corner... and you'll get cozy"... Yeah feel like a well-fed lazy cat right now... people around me almost hear me purr! :)

Sleepless night? not quite... I have sleepless mornings, I'm in perpetual jetlag usually when something's on my mind! :) So what's on my mind... I could say work, personal life and rant on and on about that... but the bottom-line is, I spent all morning at being perplexed... Why when I've been in a situation more than once, I stumble into it all over again. Days like these I just feel such a mouse, with some vague sorcerer playing the cat's role and pawing at my poor life gleefully!!

C'est la vie I suppose! Here's one for the day:

The Tubelight in My Room

Prefer the luminous darkness of the skies -
Sparklers shedding light,
Like an overly made up lass.
Its artificiality is pleasing,
Not an eye-sore
Like the phony light of my room.

Switch it off? Like unpleasant thoughts?
Yes, at least for a while I could.
But just as I can't move on
Without dealing with a corn on
The little toe of my foot -
It must come back to haunt me
As dusk falls and night approaches.

The slender white fluorescence
Stirs devilish emotions, within me.
Fears and inhibitions pounce on me,
As it sheds itself, on my kingdom.

Powerless ruler of the 8 by 10 am I,
Struggling to hold on to the last shreds
Of sanity: but the phony light prevails
As the minutes tick by at snail's pace.

At last! the hour is up
And I must put up with it no more!
Saying my last words for the day, throwing kisses...
My fingers itch to do murder -
By the click of a button!
I hear a manic laugh
In the depths of my consciousness...

There! the deed is done!
I snuggle into place
In feverish anticipation
Of the heavenly sights I have long wished for,
In the stead of the crummy tube-light!

But the beastly thing has the last laugh,
While silently fading into extinction...
For no sooner do I lay my head on the pillow that
My eyelids drop like heavy anvils
And I fall deep into slumber!

(c) VedicVerses

1 comment:

Akshay said...

you have a great a blog , stumbled through upon it through Geetanjali's . Sleepless nights , I've had my share.
Like the poem !

"My eyelids drop like heavy anvils
And I fall deep into slumber!"

Until Next Time !