Monday, December 13, 2004

I, Me, Myself

Here I am... this is me... :)

A friend just pinged me, and in his very words pointed out some new roads to me .. am glad he did. I find this endless rambling awesome and a great relief in a way that makes me go in my head "finally! finally! i can be eccentric and actually get away with it".

Am not very exciting with prose... poetry is my forte. I call that lack of imagination, cos I can only write about myself and my experiences. Am not very selfless as you can tell. Over the years though I've started noticing things like technique and I have a roving eye for words that are like a song - melancholy ... enthralling ... drowning ... musical. I don't actually collect words... but they stick in my head, and I wait for a moment - the right moment - to use them. Take requiem for example... such a beautiful word... haven't found a context for a poem yet where I can put that in... This blog already has one poem that I made my friend the "path-finder" ;) to pick and place... here's another called Friend that some of my friends have really liked..


Need you somewhere
A shadow in the aisles
When I take my stage
With your dignity in my eyes.

Although maybe never again
To see or to hear,
Yet in every way will seem
So comfortably near.

Strength not in words
But in my actions see,
Be not so much a relative
As a dear friend to me.

Allow me to grow,
Let me take my blows,
Be my healer, Sweet,
And not a shield to those!

(c) VedicVerses


Sreekesh Menon said...

Someone to blame when no one else.
Someone to cry when your tears run dry.
Someone to hold when you slip.
Someone to trust when you surrender.

Sagar said...

>Take requiem for example... such a beautiful word... >haven't found a context for a poem yet where I can put >that in...

Hmmm..How 'bout each day being a requiem, commemorating the past (or previous day)..that which was forced to become the 'past' because the new day has begun. And perhaps the new day begins by singing a requiem for the previous one..or something like that. I could almost write a poem on that theme, but I am not a poet, just a wannabe :)

Just my $0.02