Monday, December 27, 2010

Poem: My Friend

It hurts to see you hurt
Feel guilt when I sense you struggle
I feel part and cause for some
Helpless about the rest
Worse because for me
This too shall pass

You know I'm the kind who feels
Because you feel
I am a responder
Emotions seldom begin with me
I am too caught up
In the wonder that is life
To dwell on
Romantic passions directed at a one
I'm forever in love
With everything
And nothing

Gossamer strands
Of faithfulness
Begin with me
To hold on to those I call mine
It is their bonds
That tether me to them
Their strength overcoming
My every weakness

All those years ago
I think I tried to explain
This facet of my artless soul
But how could I confess
That which I barely knew?
For I was - still am
On a journey of self discovery
As were - and are - you, I think?

My friend you are
And forever will be
An individual who shared
A part of my journey with me
What other constant
Is there to hold on to?
Who I am
Is who I would've been
No matter what outcome
Of the - now immutable - past
The one closest to me
And set me free

I am afraid
Of the definite but ephemeral
Pain, of the loss
I am bound to feel
When you realize
What I think you will realize
If you thought as I did
Felt how I felt
And for you too
This shall pass
And you will move on

I will miss you then
My friend

(c) VedicVerses (Rucha Gokhale)

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