Thursday, December 30, 2010

Poem: Moving On

Packing up fond memories
Checking messages one last time
Organizing experiences into neat piles
For future reference
Funny knots tickle at my throat
Threatening silly tears
I hate overdone farewells
Lingering is no good
Don't want to overstay my welcome
Did I pack it all?
Have I said it all?
Yes and yes
In this way, we move on...

(c) VedicVerses (Rucha Gokhale)


Gemma said...

This poem says exactly what I'm feeling now. When things are over is silly to fight against it. It hurts, it makes you cry and it makes you wonder all those "what if I have..." things. I'm done with a guy who I am in love with, but he doesn't feel the same thing for me. So after a neverending talk (tears included in both ways) we say how much we're gonna miss each other and we say goodbye. I've got to move on, I know, but it's really difficult when you remember all the good times... I think that maybe he's changing his mind after all, but we all know that's not going to happen. So, yes, you're right "Have I said it all? yes, in this way, we move on..."

VedicVerses said...

Thanks Gemma! Relationships are always tricky.. Sometimes they are simple and easy, but then that gets boring. You both are very brave for trying to work it out like so! Things will get easier, if you give it time. When I go through something like that, I just tell myself 'this too shall pass'.

Gemma said...

Maybe I should tell myself too "this too shall pass", :) But right now, I'm not feeling like that. Perhaps I'll see everything differtent in a few days... I really hope so, I need to.
Anyway, keep on writing! Your work is great and true as life! Congratulations

Serenity said...

Nice reminder! Packing up fond memories and starting a new life.

I wish the answers to "have I ..." and "Did I ..." were always "Yes" :)