Sunday, April 10, 2011

Poem: Commitment

Asked the flower to the bee:
Remember the promise you gave to me?
Have you ever made a promise
That you could really keep?
No excuses and no games
No weepy stories, nothing lame
Just a promise, that you did keep?

With a smirk, said the bee:
Such commitment is not for me
My happy spirit, must be free
To fall in love
To see the world
To dream many dreams
To be a wanderer

Commitments are contracts
With unsaid terms
You may change them
At any given turn
A fork in the road
May justify
A broken promise or
A horrendous lie
Then will you pay the price
For a broken heart or for love's demise?

My simple truth
Is all I have to give
Call it commitment
If it helps you believe

Bidding adieu to the flippant bee
Smiled the flower knowingly
Tethered they were in some mysterious way
That would bring the bee back the very next day

(c) VedicVerses (Rucha Gokhale)

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