Sunday, October 24, 2010

Poem: Bridges

Two river banks
Make an argument
Ripples of thoughts
Laced with feelings so tense
Colliding with each side
To great consequence
Till battered and bruised
Is each embankment

But where there is a river
There is a bridge to mend

Between two ridges
Deep chasms may breed
Birthing passive resentment
Or a darker abyss
That consumes pebbles of hope
With a silent, deathly kiss
Embracing all that is anguish
By unspoken decree

But where there is a chasm
There is a bridge to mend

When a man is an island
Surrounded by his past
Drowning in an ocean 
Of regret that will last
His fate is sealed
His hurt never heals
Trapped by the gamble
Of a die that he cast

A bridge to such an island
Is a fool's bridge indeed
Destroyed in an instant
By the man's burning need
To remain an island
To remain in pain
To writhe in agony
To be driven insane

Some bridges are best burned
Never mended

(c) VedicVerses

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