Saturday, April 17, 2010

Poem: Epitaph

Callous is when you're not careful about my feelings; selfish is when you forget I have them

shh, listen
did you hear?
just a little voice
ringing clear
hush! quiet!
prick up your ears
there's a melancholy
meandering near
hear that cringing soul
that joyous laugh
its the words you'll want
on my epitaph
now will you try
to lend a ear?
listen hard
its loud and clear
its a silent scream
its a shattering
of a soul, a dream
are you listening?

a crescendo that
you never heard
so oblivious
yet you say you cared
I believe you
I'll take your word
don't worry love
now don't be scared
its not the end
not judgement day
all it is, is you
and your way
I'm but a pawn
the world your chess-game
I'm gone
and now its yours to tame

me and my voices, we
have moved on
with kindred spirits
that sing along
just ashes now we are at last
buried deep, unheard, is our gurgling laugh
now a part, of something vast
lying underneath a quiet epitaph

(c) VedicVerses

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mommyblogger4u said...

I really love poems...yours is nice.