Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Poem: A trip back home

He walked with me
Down the path of my memories
Those ill-marked streets
And dusty roads
Where the goats made friends
With uninterested strays*
And old schools stood tall
Behind new gates

We walked apart
In reverence to the place
Yet closer than today
In the place we called home

*strays = stray dogs


Anonymous said...

Anonymous_ss: You write so beautifully.It has always given me immense joy to pen down things, reading what you have written fills me with doubt and insecurity regarding my skills and yet it inspires me to try harder and do better.
I used to write poetry as a child but then it just became too much of a pain to rhyme and felt kind of restricted by it. but your poems are so elegant.They convey so much and have such beautiful words and rhythm. I am a fan.

VedicVerses said...

You are too kind!

You don't have to rhyme to write poetry... poetry is like being who you are and honest to yourself and being self-aware. And believe me, I am my own best friend! :)

Thank you for your kind words... and keep writing. God knows the world needs more poets!