Monday, January 17, 2005

What am I? The Frustration Sponge??

Funny thing about an "open" corporate environment is that the 360 degrees feedback loop brings with it a 360 degree level of exposure to people's personal frustrations! Doesn't help that you're the worst piece of frustrated corporate rat-racer yourself, but you've got to "understand" everyone else's frustration, cos the people who care about you think you can! Gosh! I never thought being an independant woman-of-the-world was going to be so crappy!!!!

Oh and of course my conditioning will be bent to impose upon me "fair" thoughts of "I have it better than so many others"!!!! Geez! Sometimes I just want to "earth" some thoughts right into the ground where they belong anyway!

So did I fail? I'm a supposed people person, a lover of all beings, unbiased and compassionate... and yet I failed! Didn't I? AAAAAAAAAah! This had better be a lesson in life I don't ever have to re-learn!

Well, here's an addition to my diminishing list of poems as yet unpublished on this blog....


Like any pair
Married too young,
This awkward knot
Was tied and begun.

Questions poured,
What pleases, makes content
An unhappy love's heart
When every action was well meant?

What irked and
Brought on the ire?
To have them thus displeased
What was it that transpired?

These questions will burn
As they do for anyone,
Who married too young
Hoping to love someone.

They will disappoint
And the heart will wonder why
Of all the knots in the world
Just this one it did tie!

And yet inescapable
This journey is, it knows
As lesser of all evils
Is the one it chose.

Such is my marriage
In my awkward heart, a gulf.
Yet so curious it is
For I'm only married to myself!

© VedicVerses

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