Monday, January 10, 2005

A companion in the New Year!

Power of the subconscious mind says... you are what you think! Interesting belief that! So here I am, thinking of myself in a phase in life where I want to be.. thinking hard, focusing on positives - one thing I like about positives for sure is that they're a lot more fun than the negatives... I know, I know... whatever! :) Well coming back to the moot point... is it possible that nothing is really not in our control? I guess these philosophies go bust when we apply them to "outcomes", as against to the internal effect it has on us that may bring us to ignore or grab not so obvious opportunities after a tremendous failure or setback... You know what movie comes to mind? "Life is beautiful" - Benigni is a genius!

And so we work hard... we know we want "companionship", but compromise at a certain age is quite difficult to do. And in our prude little countryside, companionship can only equal something as impractical as an "eternal relationship"!! Anyone watch Vaada? The very fact that a supposedly brilliant mind like Amisha Patel (gold medallist in economics I believe she is??) can even utter an incongruent line like "I hope I am married to you for the rest of my 7 lives" is not really about playing a part well, could it be? It seems like its just incongruencies like that in our society and the changes we face today in a "globalising" world... and no room or provisions made in our societal setup to fit these and assimilate these incongruencies and change it to a more harmonious whole - maybe that's the key.

K... I could go on blahing about this stuff.. but just wanted to talk about a dear friend of mine very quickly.. i got this bamboo shoot for my birthday from her, i'd wanted one for soooooooooooooo long!!!! We've had our highs and lows in life, but well we really love each other too... she asked me to call this bamboo shoot "rini" - indebted for whatever love I had to offer the helpless little green life ... and its true, such undemanding and easy-to-please companions are so hard to find! Well, so dear friend Rini is now an inseperable part of my life :) starting this new year!

Here's a poem for the day, aptly called "Companion" ;) -->


His eyes commit treason
With every glance he steals,
Betraying the warm secrets of his heart...

Eyebrows twitching, traveling eyes -
Taking in every detail, this spy satellite!
Without a single movement of his head.

Hair cropped short, like a distinguished army man.
Ears alert like a black commando with a gun!
Though lean he wears
His clothes to advantage:
Impressing a dangerous creature
Lurking the depths of his sinews.

But for his button-nose
He might've looked severe,
What a runny nose too!He's a constant sniveler!

In the cold corners of the night,
I snuggle up to my companion;
The four-legged creature
Aptly called man's best friend!

© VedicVerses

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