Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Arab Horse... c'est moi for the day!

Here I am, this is me... born wild and free! Feel like an Arab Thoroughbred that Ben Hur might ride to conquer Messala's betrayal! :)

One of those days, when I need to get messages across and am getting killed over trying to be politically correct. So why can we not just say what we want and accept that there maybe more than just the narrator's perspective to any story... Why are we so bound? Argh! Some friends will sound like a dear mother once did, when bringing you up! Well, it pays to listen to them I assure you, but it sucks big time to have to!

Oh well and the message was across... not so politically correct, not without a few ruffled feathers... and today, just for today, it doesn't feel so bad :). I know things won't stay that way, I know there's a price to pay, I know there'll be a few scars... but for today : Here I am, this is me! An Arab horse galloping till my heart will just burst! Riding the wind! With my mane flowing, and my eyes on fire! :) Reckless and wild.... just heading for a scar..


Sometimes you wish upon a star,
And bring yourself to where you are -
Seek comfort in your own fenced in life
No more dreaming of paradise.

Yet some promises your old self still makes,
Within a day those it promptly breaks;
Yet couldn't have known before the time
When from responsibilities, you so unceremoniously decline.

Forgive me dear friend, this is who I am
I am a pearl comfortable in my clam.
A pearl like you, in a clam like yours
Just as afraid of any further scars.
Forgive me, this is what life is for
To hurt and be hurt, without a scar.

© VedicVerses

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Anonymous said...

Pretty one who writes well. We seem to have written in sync. Please read this one in (retrofitted) response:

-- Heretic