Friday, April 03, 2015

Poem: Seeking a Friend for the End

Lift me up 
Lighten my load
Tell me we'll make it 
To the end of this road

See the work I put in
To take it all in
Shield me from the judging
And the rest of the din

Take me in your arms
Wrap me in them tight
Make me smile with your silliness
Tell me stories in the night

This heart is so tortured
It needs your help to lighten up
People tell me don't be bitter
I'm not, I'm just fed up

This soul is so defeated
It needs some loving care
People tell me I'm depressed
I'm not, but I'm getting there

This smile is so wan
It needs a reason to exist
People say I'm closed to suggestion
I'm not, I'm just dealing with this

This spirit is all I have
A weak and fading light
People say I'm defeated
I'm not, I've got plenty of fight

I'm seeking a friend for the end
I'm seeking a kindred soul
I'm asking for an atom not a mountain
A tiny spot of sunshine to make me whole

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