Thursday, February 14, 2013

Poem: My Sweet Valentine

Go where you will
Fly, fly away
I will borrow wings
To fly with you

Be who you will
Find, find yourself
I will be you for a day
To watch you grow

Feel what you will
Share, share your dreams
I will be a sponge
To live the world through your senses

Do your worst
Show, show the naysayers
I will be strong
To be your shield against their blows

Fall all you will
Glide, glide on a sweet breeze
I will be a giant pillow
To catch you

Be more than I'll ever be
Be less than I ever was
Live for you
Love for you
Sing your own songs
Walk your own path

You are what I dreamed I'd be one day
Mine is an endless selfish love
And it will never fail you
My little one

(C) VedicVerses

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