Friday, October 05, 2012

Poem: Love yourself

The heart is generous
Love fills it to the brim
The heart is made for love
After all

And love's not wasted
When the world is full of things
To care for

A mother who's more than motherhood
A friend, a foe and everything in between
A father who's the first man
You ever kissed on the cheek
And hoped that every man that followed
Lived up to at least a shadow of the man

A sister who was always there
Even if just to fight
Caring in a way, only sisters can
Promising to lend even her soul
If ever you were in need of one

All the quiet loving friends
Who never let on how much you've meant
And for how long
Not knowing how it might've helped
When you struggled through life's little battles

All those unfortunate princes
Who weren't quite the white knights
Not for you in any event
Plunging that knife, deeper,
In an ever bleeding heart
Than all the evil queens in the world

And that final fortunate prince
Who stole your heart when you challenged him
And stole it for life

All the gentle, mute, mischievous children
Siblings, friends and strangers in need
Of the animal kind

So many to love, who loved
A busy journey for the heart
I'm sure
Strange that you forgot to enjoy
The lightness being busy brings

So I wonder in the end
Did you forget to love yourself?

(c) VedicVerses (Rucha Gokhale)

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