Sunday, November 12, 2006

A very rough ride

No one said marriage was going to be easy. But what makes it so difficult?

What do you do – exactly how do you break the limbo when both involved believe in the superiority or worse still, righteousness of their own argument? Tough nut to crack that.

I don’t think we have quite broken out of that state of mind yet, where a woman’s in-laws are “now her family”, while the guy’s in-laws well, they are “her family”! What really raises my heckles is that every pot-shot taken at me is on account of reactiveness at one taken at him or his parents. Oh c'mon, get original will you? And if you think that's unfair, wait till you find out what I did to him!

At the end of the day though, is it all really worth it? Even marriage itself, is the momentary romance of “having found your soul mate” really worth losing your independence, your devil-may-care attitude towards life? And gaining of all that weight mind you? Why is it that a woman in a happy marriage puts on weight, while the man just becomes this attractively unavailable man with a gold band on his finger beckoning the Helen in all single women?

Oh I could rave and rant about all the ill marriage has done me. And it would take a while. But why then on most days does it feel like I finally got something right?

Beats me – all in all its just a very rough ride.

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