Monday, July 10, 2006

Et Tu, Zizou??!

World Cup weighs heavy on the minds of all soccer fans today - and I mourn alongwith countless other French team fans.

To me Zizou has been a study in leadership and skill - especially since the 1998 World Cup that France won. I like watching sports and I always seem to pick a level-headed, rather colorless but highly skilled player for a favorite. Zizou being one of those. Of course, I wonder alongside millions of fans about what could've provoked him to throw away a chance to be a worshipped god-like figure post-retirement with that head butt. But I think the bigger question is - what happens next for Zizou? For the most part am sure its just going to be an interesting few months or a year for him and then right back on track. He's far too talented!

One point I'd like to make here - Zizou has made no statements about the comment from Materazzi that made him lose his cool, he's not going to play the blame game. I think that's good 'ol Zizou for all of us.

Besides... even heroes have the right to bleed.


Sid said...


Pity about zizou really!! But like you said, even heroes must bleed.

So how are ya>!>!

Sid said...

and hey no!!!

You can always discuess philosophy with me!!

That is, if you choose to ;)