Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Saturn - The Dog that was almost ours!!

Gosh! What a coupla days!!! Here's the lovable little Siberian Husky, who's got the spirit of a pup inside an adult dog body!!!

She's found someone who will foster her!! And am so glad... losing her would have been criminal of me!

Here's to you gal! Hope our paths cross again :)


Le Rake said...

power to you, protector of blue-eyed she-dogs. One more life that will grace this earth with dignity and canine beauty.

Sid said...

Niiiiice Doggie!

Btw belated Merry X-Mas :D

Kelvin said...

Kia Ora (Hello) from a blogger down under in New Zealand. "Your paths will cross again" !!!
A little something I wrote -
"I'm sorry honey, time is at an end, so I'll just close my eyes as I say my last amen. Because up above, God awaits, standing by the Pearly Gates. I know that as I walk up the stairs to Heaven, God will look down and say that my room is ready, on Cloud 7 !!!

Heretic said...

Hope all the wishes drifted to your shoreline--wish Harshad and you a lovely new year. Am so cross at not being told you brought a Husky home! Awww... if only I were there. :-(

Nyssa said...

Hi there! :) Thanks for writing in... we weren't ever able to bring Saturn home, due to apartment restrictions... but the shelter managed to find her a foster parent in Montana. Else we would've adopted her, but kenneled her at a dog retirement home, till we moved into a dog friendly apartment!! that's why she's the dog that was ALMOST ours :)