Monday, December 05, 2005

Poem: Requiem

I could sing you
A melody
Blow softly
On your brow,
A euphony
Nestle kisses
Sweet and slow;

Seduce you with
A ritornelle
Play mischief
With looks!
...and here in the
Sing hymns
From the books.

You could sing me
A ballad
Then lie by my
Cradled, hear my
Float gently on
The night.

In this courtyard
Of cold memories
I've long learnt
To dread,
Weeping softly
By an elegy
I mourn a requiem

** The picture is called "Contemplating" and was taken by Ashish Gorde who kindly lent it to me for posting to this blog. This poem was written for an exercise and inspired by this photograph.

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