Thursday, March 17, 2005

Sign of the times

A very beautiful piece of theory came my way recently - called "The Stockdale Paradox". Mr. Collins spoke of it in his book "Good to Great"... After a bout of my usual cribbing, a sympathetic friend sent me a link to a fellow blogger's page, which I will be so rude as to post the link to in mine...

Could not come up with an appropriately topical poem. Here's the best I could think to post. Hope you enjoy it...

Sign of the times

Earth's colors are far too many
Zest and energy, yet slow and calm.
Heart and soul here mingle as one really
Yours and mine is one and nothing - the psalm.

Call of the wild, of the untamed instinct
Dare devilry? No! a plain struggle to survive;
Zealous like the wind blowing strong in my face is
The power that keeps Man alive.

Yet, gone are the days of such oneness with the wild
Zanny clothes and discos replace original sin.
So lost in an artificial world
So far from ourselves
Xeroxes of every ideology thats "in"!

Zooming sportscars replace the agile horse
Movies replace vistas and views,
Aren't many the times when one feels the guilt? Yet,
A popular mix of sin and transgression we choose.

Undoing is far too tough to be done,
Doing is easy, things that need to be undone.
Praise those few originals, shall we? Having done -
Replace our own ethics by those we see!

Zebra patterns of black and white there are not
Pachydermous greys must loom large all around;
And yet,
Xeroxes of pretty young things, I spot!

(c) VedicVerses

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