Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Les Femmes Fatales!

Often have I, blamed fate for being born in the wrong gender!!!!! I mean I haven't your usual girlish qualities at all you know... Not coy, foot-in-mouth most of the time... say the first thing that comes to mind - completely naive and tactless.. And then as I catch myself thinking and over-analyzing I go "Eureka! There it is! My womanly quality comes to life after all!!"

Its true... we're complicated - us womankind. Often we're the wet blanket too am sure... especially when our "better" halves dream up all these fantastic machismo ideas of fun!!! I know I do it.. and my sister and Ma are guilty of this particular "crime" quite often as well :)

But hey! in our defense, when even as thirty-somethings, when the guys want to snuggle with their little blankies and be molly-coddled, we're the ones who keep a straight face, and offer warm milk and coaxing words as needed, don't we???? So what're you complaining about??? LOL!!

The kind of women I've been around and loved having around - have always been very very special. At once, grounded and lofty, poignant and child-like... and perpetually sweet natured, spirited and never cruel... how could I then not revel in the gift that life has thus granted me? I cherish this gift... I LOVE BEING A WOMAN!

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Karthik "KK" said...
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Karthik "KK" said...

Lol... Roocha... I very well know when u say u aint da normal gurly gal.. ;)

Cheers n wish you all the best lady :-)