Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Poem: My promise

I like it when its quiet
I’m allowed it
A few minutes everyday
Its quiet without
But there’s a din within
Being hard on myself is easy
Jumping up on a pedestal
Only a little more work
Accepting the simple plausible truth
Staring back at me from the mirror
Somehow, is a hike

Always, I waited
For them to leave
And my heart bled
Till it could bleed no more
Yet I was lucky
For they left in time
But not this time
He is sticking it out
How this will end
Is anybody’s guess
I wait and watch
As that weather-beaten organ
Continues to bleed dry

Do I dare hope?
Is that love in the shadows?
Waiting for me
Waiting for our chance
To arrive finally
Or does it get ready?
To buckle its shoes and run
It needn’t go far
It is already out of reach

Someday my sweet darling
You and I will be the queens
Of a quiet little villa on a beautiful hill
In a faraway sunny place
With white wide verandahs
Through which cool breeze dances
Under a hot sun
In the shade of some humble tree

And I will set you up to win
In every way
In life, in love
At work and at play
Yours will be my final victory
Snatched from the jaws of defeat
By my poor weather-beaten heart

This, I promise you

(c) VedicVerses (Rucha Gokhale)

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