Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Poem: Babe

Loves to keep me on my toes
What she's thinking no one knows
Gives me smiles that make my heart melt
Her crying does to me stuff I've never felt
Holds my finger tight in her little hands
I try to teach her to turn, but she's ready to stand
Grabs my hair in her little fists
Hers is the sweetest face I've ever kissed
Boy! Has she got that pout down
When it comes to fake tears, she'll laugh every 'ol croc out of town

These sleepless nights, those painful weeks
Those achy days of changing messy leaks
Wish they were fewer? Yes of course I do!
But one more thing I'd say too..
My unpredictable babe, my treasure, my little gift
You're the only reason for life and everything in it

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