Monday, November 30, 2009

Poem: The Bard

I am no story-teller
I am at best a bard
I can serenade and croon
Sing a song, hum a tune
All in a leotard!

But I am no story-teller
I can tell no lie
Call it magnified imagination
Telling tales or recitation
They're talents for which I vie

I am no story-teller
I am at best a bard
My words are simply comprehensible
Clearly lucid and irreproachable
Not obdurate or hard

Story-telling is a journey
I prefer destinations
Get to the point, A to B
Winding roads aren't for me
To meander is an abomination

Give me a verse, give me a rhyme
A husband, a lover or a valentine
Throw me some pain and a hurt or two
I'll whip up a ballad just for you

I'll make your soul cringe and your heart cry
All it takes is a requiem or a lullaby
I'll sing you a refrain, like you've never heard
But I'm no story-teller, I am at best a bard

(c) VedicVerses


Karthik "KK" said...

Nice ... Welcome Back :)

VedicVerses said...

HAhA thank you thank you