Thursday, June 19, 2008

Poem: All said and done

Marriages for most people represent a maturing love. At least that's the hope. In a marriage after a period, emotions don't ebb and flow, but are existential - just part of being and living on a day-to-day basis. That is not to say those emotions aren't beautiful. But human communication hasn't evolved beyond words and actions. Communication isn't quite 3-D yet, is it? You can't share an experience of an emotion in an IMAX.

That's why I write so little these days - mature emotions, rational emotions are difficult to write about. And not half as exciting to read!

My rock
My unshakeable faith
My pulse
A measure of my spirit
Its human voice
My meter
A check for my conscience
Its reset button
My mirror
To check my balance
My confidence

Emotions are wonderful
Words are not
Articulate this effusion
And they fall short

Some truths sound commonplace
We can't escape that
My trust, your leap of faith
Take the form of this banal fact

All said and done
You. Are. The. One.

(c) VedicVerses (Rucha Gokhale)


Karthik "KK" said...

Hey Rucha ... where art thou? Come back to blogging :-)


Balram Y said...

Rucha, I am sure you realize that Harshad will not understand the meaning or even the fact that he is the object of the poem :)

VedicVerses said...

Haha Balram -- just read your comment :).. oh, he understands, just takes a little time is all ;)