Monday, January 23, 2006

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Yet another tragic love affair
Began with a notably dignified air.
Amorous friends, I've made a few
Romantic tales painted grey-blue
Each one told avec savoir-faire!

Years have passed since puberty
All friends look to lose their liberty
Nuptial news float through my little town
Match-makers all too many abound
Anxious matriarchs swap ideas at the Rotary.

Winters are cool in this tropical place
Perfect setting for all that wedding lace
At dusk the elders gather for a collective swig
They feast, they sing, dance an inelegant jig
As the newly-weds swing to a different pace.

I share in their joys virtually
Slouching by a 17" screen
As the celebrations wind down
And seeds of future dreams are sown
I settle into a fleeting melancholy.

Life goes on for each new couple made
Soon out of touch with the class of '98
Is that the outlook?
Not a single pal off the hook?
From youthfulness to an aged jade?

In a corner all sulky and blue
Surfing sitcoms where friends are true
A gentle arm reaches out
Cuddles me as I pout -
Just one of those doldrums he often sees me through.

(c) VedicVerses

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